Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Back on the Run

For the past year I have been working on a lot of significant life changes. I had to make a decision whether or not to continue on my career path, I got pregnant with my first child and became a mother to a beautiful baby girl. With that I felt I had to prove I could still do whatever challenege I put in front of myself.

Three months after having the baby was the target point. It was the timing of moving on from the workplace I knew for 6 years and moving into the unknown. It was also the goal I had set to be back to myself again. That entailed fitting into all my pants again and regaining my body shape. To mark the target I signed up to run a half marathon with one of my (former?) co-workers (and friend). I wanted to prove to myself that, after everything, I had the mental fortitude to go the distance and hopefully push my friend to do her best.

On Sunday, February 2nd we battled the crowds to finish the Surf City Huntington Beach Half Marathon. It was my first half marathon and my longest running distance (in one continuous chunk) thus far. I kept pace with my friend and pulled her to a great performance. I was also happy to hear that my spirit and encouragement was very helpful, not annoying. For me it was a relieving experience to know that the result was what I had envisioned. It gave me confidence that my optimistic outlook is acheivable. If I envision it, I can make it happen. The key is to not get hung up on dreaming up potential road blocks, but to keep focused and deal with any adversity only if it pops up.

I am back in the pool, gym and on the running trail. I think I will try out a few more running races this year. Someday I will sign up for a full marathon, hopefully it isn't at the end of a full Ironman Triathlon, but who knows. I am that crazy.