Thursday, November 6, 2008

Week of Change

I am glad this election is over. I am extremely tired of the pessimistic attitude that this country has had for the past few years. No matter who your elected leader is, childish name calling is low. I can understand arguments backed up by substantial factual evidence, but the personal attacks have been infantile and demeaning. I was no fan of the Clinton regime, but I respected the man for his position. I have a lot of respect for Barack Obama as well, and I know that his powerful ability with words, along with his physical appearance, gave people a sense of new direction. However, no matter what the nature of the aura surrounding him, I never warmed up to any of the words coming out of his mouth. Working as an engineer at companies of very different sizes I have really come to understand that economics are at the center of EVERYTHING. For that reason I have failed to see how Obama's promises could lead to any sort of economic stabilization, much less growth. I currently don't see support for competitive world markets in his agenda. I am curious as to what a revised plan will look like from him and his chosen team, but with most of the names currently being thrown around, I think I might just be sitting back and holding on for a bumpy ride.

With the events of the past two years of campaigning I have at least been inspired. I am now driven to become even more active in my own community, especially since now I am a home owning and property tax paying individual. I also want to advance my education to enhance my engineering degree. I have been considering a masters in economics, but I think my current position in life is more conducive to getting an MBA. I feel that I have responsibilities later in life where I will need that education. I owe it to my parents to show that respect for their life's hard work.

Unfortunately all the uncertainty of this week is not yet over for me. Tomorrow morning the CEO of my employer is addressing the workforce with what will most likely be historically horrendous losses along with "important changes." There are all sorts of rumors flying around. I guess I will find out in the morning and hopefully GM can pull through... although there will most likely be enormous casualties.

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