Saturday, June 13, 2009

Huntington Beach Pier Swim

This morning I headed a few miles down the beach to Huntington Beach for the 59th Annual Pier Swim. This was my first swimming of the pier as during previous years I was a wuss about the cold. However, after a couple years of ocean swimming in Southern California I have gotten pretty acclimated to cold water. I was informed that the water temperature this morning was 65 degrees. Once I was wet there was really no thought about the water temperature, after all it didn't cause my pinky toes to freeze.

Laid out on Google Maps the swim equates to about 1/2 mile. It was my first official competition back after having shoulder surgery last September. The shoulder still gets sore during distance swims, but I push through it. It doesn't weaken however, which is key. There was a strong current pulling everyone into the pier during the return leg of the race. Getting pounded by a wave was a sure way to end up close to the pier footings. I caught a couple good waves, then got pummeled by one and had to get back out from the shadow of the pier. I guess I ended up 1st or 2nd for females in the end. I didn't stick around to see the results because my 2 hour parking meter used up all my change and expired well before everyone finished.


Jerry L said...

Hi Merritt. Its Jerry, I was looking online to check results from the swim. Good to see your doing the Redondo Tri, Ann and I will be working it.

You won either 1st or 2nd place. We thought it would be easier to have them mail your trophy. To bad cause neither of us thought we'd see you tomorrow. Good luck and look for us at the finish line.

margarito said...

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