Saturday, October 10, 2009

Octoberfest Alpine Village Torrance, CA

Every October brings Octoberfest to Apline Village in Torrance, CA. I happen to work in Torrance, so a few co-workers want to make a go of it one evening. We arrived fairly early, just after 7 pm, but it was already very busy. While walking to the big white tent from the parking lot I made the comment that it smelled like college. Stale beer does that... After $8 each we made it inside and we headed over the the beer and food ticket purchasing counter. Something like $20 each later we had enough for a plate of food and one beer. I got a super pretzel to split with friends and received many stares due to its large size. Unfortunately there was no space to be had at any table. We made due despite the lack of seating though. We watched the festivities on the stage, enjoyed all the people dressed up in Octoberfest attire and joined in on the roaming train of people. It works for once a year, but anymore than that, it makes more sense just to go to a bar.

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