Monday, October 15, 2007

Made Up Days of Significance

I just found out that today is apparently Blog Action Day (as declared here: Blog Action Day calls for posting up something, anything on your blog today about the environment. Here is my post in response to Blog Action Day:

On my way to yoga on Sunday morning I walked by this in Venice (I can post more about yoga later too as it makes a good topic in itself):

I believe the lettering was painted on the wall by the owner of the house behind it. The house had a Barack Obama sign on it so I kind of put the two together... This sign goes hand in hand with the recent awarding of the Nobel Peace Prize to Al Gore ( The reasoning behind the awarding of the Nobel Peace Prize was that Al Gore's actions in pushing "Global Warming" (I use quotes there for a reason) to the forefront of the media causes people to realize they should conserve rather than fight over resources.

The idea that awareness of the environment and the push to conserve natural resources will lead to the end of conflict over resourceful territory is rather idealistic. Last time I looked religion was the instigator of many wars. How about the Crusades and Palestine/Israel? I get the logic but it just does not quite work out in the non ideal setting of reality.

As an engineer and athlete I am all for improving efficiency. I believe that we can always work to develop more efficient processes. It is something I deal with at work everyday... not just in designs but also in business operations. I know human existence definitely has an effect on the planet. We use a lot of the planet's resources, but things also cycle. As life has adapted (think Darwin) I believe the planet adapts to sustain itself. The term global warming bothers me. It has now taken on JDM proportions. It no longer represents the actual meaning of the words.

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