Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Mario and Sonic at the Olympics

I am a sucker for anything Olympics. I can't help it. It was a dream of mine for so long, ok so it stil is in a way. I think I could do something in the Modern Pentathlon. However, I like having a normal life (um ok not so normal, but I would miss playing with cars!) so I am not too keen on dedicating all my time to training. Also training is expensive (Dara Torres spends $100k/year). If there is no money (or health insurance) coming in it makes things difficult... Anyway recently the game Mario and Sonic at the Olympics came out for the Wii. I am so excited about this game! It even has swimming! The picture above is a screen capture of the swimming event. It looks too cute. There is also gymnastics, albeit just trampoline and vault, but there is still gymnastics. Maybe I will try and pick it up on Black Friday.

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Tony Austin said...

The fix is in, Sonic has the best suit though Toad; (The mushroom guy), has a latex cap that "...alters the pressure gradient and thus pushes the flow into turbulent behavior and reduces the pressure drag force..."