Monday, February 25, 2008

Caution Wet Floor

In case you didn't notice... showers make the floor wet.
I caught this picture in the locker room of the pool. I found it amusing that it was necessary to inform people that the floor might be wet in the vicinity of the showers.


Anonymous said...

Remember McDonalds now has to print "Caution: Coffee is HOT!" on there cups and warn every person verbally.

Making millions be cause you're a tard, that's the New American Dream. :(

Joana said...

Isn't it just amazing how stupid people are? One time while working at a stop-and-rob during the graveyard shift I once had a customer slip on the wet floor and threaten to sue me. Never mind the the fact that as you walk in, there was a sign, there was another in front of the fountains, by the registers, and by the refrigerators. In other words, no way not to know the floor was wet.

The true irony is she slipped in the aisle where I was mopping at currently. She claimed she didn't know I was moping and that the floors were wet.

No way not to see the signs aside, I guess the mop in my hand and the rolling-bucket that even says "Caution - Wet Floor" on it just weren't good enough clues.

Anonymous said...

Other non slip floors