Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Fuel Cell Equinox

The picture above features a Chevrolet Fuel Cell Equinox. The vehicle is part of GM's Project Driveway program. 100 fuel cell Equinoxes get to be tested by the hands of general consumers. The vehicle recipients are in varying parts of the United States, but at least have access to hydrogen fueling stations.

The fuel cell vehicles are interesting. The powertrain has significantly less moving parts than a traditional ICE powered vehicle. However, of course that means trades offs to more exotic materials and newly developing technology. I love improving emerging technology though. That is why I do what I do... I hope this Equinox will teach me some new things too.


Pam Hoffman said...

Any chance you will get to drive one Merritt?

I wondered how new cars got road-tested. I wanted to look into getting one at one point.

Good to know how they do it for this case.

Pam Hoffman

Kevin said...

That is an awesome concept and I hope they are able to get it down so the prices are reasonable. Thanks for sharing, I am excited to see what technologies end up in our future vehicles. :)

A. Caleb Hartley - Business Consultant & Entrepreneur said...

It sounds like you get to road test a fuel-call vehicle?

How cool is that!?!

Would you be interested in guest-posting about how that's going at environmentastic!?

A. Caleb Hartley

Merritt Johnson said...

Reading back on this post I realized it sounds a bit like I got a Fuel Cell Equinox to drive. However, that is not that case. I just work at the facility that built quite a bit of the powertrain for the vehicle.

The real world feedback from the consumers that receive all of these vehicles will be extremely valuable. The systems of a fuel cell vehicle are pretty interesting. It is rather different than a typical hybrid or pure electric car.