Sunday, February 3, 2008

Swim Practice

I have spent about 19 years of my life swimming competitively. Although there have been a couple significant periods of time where I only hit the pool to stay fit (or more like recover from surgery). Even when I didn't take the time to race others, I was still competing with myself so I believe it still falls in the competitive swimming category. Anyway I hardly have any digital evidence of all my swimming efforts. I have a few videos of swimming from age group through college. However, it is all on VHS. I have put some on DVD now, but I digress. I particularly lack any underwater swimming shots though. That is the good looking stuff too. I really can't say that I know all that much about what I look like swimming underwater. At USC I did some underwater stroke analysis, but I don't have copies of any of the footage. That is why I was excited today when fellow masters swimmer Lauren was taking shots at practice. I asked her to send me photos so I had something for the memories. The images below are what she captured.

Next time she is going to try and capture some video for me. I really need to get a lot of underwater breaststroke footage... just for my own analysis benefit.

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