Saturday, January 5, 2008

Construction Wandering

I posted this picture from my phone earlier in the day. It received a comment before I could even get around to editing the text of the post. I am currently in Florida at my parent's house here. There is construction going on in the development. The pastime on the weekend is to browse through the new places going up. I have wandered through quite a few of the houses around at some point in time. Everyone around knows that everyone does it. There are only a few architects approved for construction here so people like going and checking out the different floor plans, particularly for places going up designed by the same architect as their own. There are three four Hugh Newell Jacobson houses, but I have yet to see inside any of them. I do like their exteriors though and I particularly like others of Jacobson's houses that I have seen.

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Pam Hoffman said...

Why did you call this 'construction wandering'???


Just curious,

Pam Hoffman