Saturday, January 12, 2008

Too Many Prius

Abbot Kinney Blvd. is an artsy fartsy street in Venice, CA. The residents of this area hold great animosity towards chain stores. They have fended off the likes of Starbucks, but were finally invaded by the trendy local yogurt chain Pinkberry.

The yoga studio that I regularly patronize happens to be located on Abbot Kinney Blvd. The business fits in with the vibe as it is a different type of yoga. The studio is YAS (standing for yoga and spinning). Its yoga style is known as Yoga for Athletes. It is a fast paced more intense flow of yoga poses that nixes the meditation, Sanskrit lingo and life lessons stuffed down your throat by most yoga masters. I will go more into it in the future.

Today when I arrived at yoga I couldn't help but notice the street lined with Toyota Prius (Priuses... Priui?). I caught three in a row lined up in front of the studio alone, see the picture below. Pretty much around the rest of the area there was about one Prius parked for every two of anything else. I just looove that an area which supposedly prides itself on being nonconformist is packed with vehicles from the most conformist and corporate of all automotive manufacturers. Toyota has publicized their desire to be the world's top selling automaker. The way you achieve that is through appealing to the masses. Congratulations Abbot Kinney, you're fully of hypocritical consumers who try too hard to be different, but fail miserably.

People just need to like what they like. So what if it is trendy, mainstream or mass produced. A mix of all areas/types makes for a much more interesting style than one that is forced by phony rules.


Karen said...

I myself yearn for a BMW. A fast red one!

Sean Morris said...

Hybrid cars are not the answer. Even worse is the "chicken little" people that think they are.

Leon said...

At least they're helping the environment. And they are being non-conformist. Think about it. Are hybrids the norm?

Merritt Johnson said...

Obviously the previous commenter does not live in Southern California where Camrys and Prius run amok.

As for hybrids saving the environment... those two statements should not be tied together and I will touch on that some other time. If anything a hybrid is about having a self righteous view of yourself. Hybrids improve vehicle efficiency during stop and go type traffic, however they do little above other modes of transportation to actually improve the environment. I don't see cars running around planting trees.