Sunday, January 13, 2008

Pomona Swap Meet

Today markes the first Pomona Swap Meet of 2008. The swap meet is specifically for "antique" vehicles. Although plenty of newer vehicles find their way in. People flood the gates of the Pomona Fair Grounds at 4 am to setup their vendor booths and show cars. There are rows and rows of classic American automobiles, mostly people with projects for sale. There is a section for VWs and Porsches as well all the typical American brands, but a much smaller area is devoted to them. A few other makes also popped up around the grounds, like some Datsuns and BMWs.

The vendors have loads of crap to pawn off. If you need something specific for an old car that is particularly hard to find, it is a good place to go looking. Not much going on in the name of spontaneous purchasing though, except maybe for some interesting used tools. No one seems to be trading or buying too much today. Mostly people browsing and hanging out.

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