Monday, September 10, 2007

I am Not Male

Yesterday I competed in the Los Angeles Triathlon. I was part of a three person relay. I was the swimmer of course. I am also female, my other two teammates were male. However, when the results were posted at the end of the event we were listed as winning the all male team category. We were definitely signed up as a mixed team with my gender being female. However it seems that I frequently have people some how overriding those things and making me male.
LA Tri 2007 Team Results
I also would have had a faster swim if they hadn't started calling my wave 5 minutes too early... I didn't get the warm up I needed and I started from back in the chute thus running over EVERYONE... sorry about that...

The first time my sex was altered from female to male was back in March at the CalTech Pentathlon. Halfway through the event, when they started posting results, I didn't see my name in the women's results. That is when I realized they had me down as a male. I had to go tell the event organizers that I was not male, but in fact female.

The second time I had the same thing happen was at the Santa Clarita LCM meet in June. I didn't notice anything amiss while I was at the meet, however when I looked at the results online I noticed I was once again not in the female results. Despite my masters registration showing I am female and my own listing of female on the meet registration I still got switched to male. I sent off a quick email to the event organizers and I got this changed.

I am getting rather tired of being labeled as male... American Express sends me mail addressed to Mr. Merritt Johnson... It can't be good for my self esteem.

EDIT: It looks like they have now adjusted the LA Tri results to show that I am female! Hooray I got my gender back! RESULTS

However, being curious about the people with slightly faster swim times than me, I checked the top swimmer in the all female relay results. I did distinctly remember someone saying, "Hey first girl!" when I came out of the water so I was rather surprised to see someone listed as female that supposedly had a faster swim time than me! They were definitely not an all female team because their swimmer was a guy who swims at UCSB! I think being a guy listed as female is worse than a girl listed as male.

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