Saturday, September 1, 2007

The Purple Dinosaur

Today since I woke up to an ache when I straightened out my left leg. I decided to skip a trip down to the ocean. I will leave that for Monday. Instead I made a trip to the shop with my boyfriend to work on my racecar. I think the last time I worked on my racecar was about a year ago. It was just before the last time I had surgery...

I got to the shop to find my car filthy. I like to call my car the purple dinosaur. That is because underneath all that dirt the car is the color of a certain beloved children's tv show character.

I picked up where I left off on things. I finished taking down the yellow bolt in roll cage. It was hindering my progress in stripping the interior and dash. In the roasting sun of City of Industry, CA that was about all I felt like doing to the car today so I moved on to assisting in cleaning up the area in front of the shop. I help clean things up a bit whenever I'm around because I feel like I should contribute something for them allowing my purple thing to take up space.

The shop has a lot of cars taking up space. In the picture I took there are all of 7 GT-Rs, not to mention some other things mixed in there.

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