Thursday, September 6, 2007

When Swimming Gets Deadly

The 3 people have died recently from a water born ameoba:

At least when I swim in places other than pools it is the nice salty ocean. Lakes and such tend to freak me out. You never know what is hiding in a lake... They're too calm and still.

Anyway speaking of ameobas... My parents had this big blue and white blanket that was one of my favorite things when I was a little tike. It was loosely woven so you could see out with it over your head. I used to crawl around the house completely evelopped in the blanket. My dad told me I looked like a giant blue ameoba. Thinking that the word ameoba sounded pretty cool and threatening I would crawl around and plan my ameoba attacks. I would suck up any object in my way into my ameoba blanket thus increasing my ameoba size. I especially liked trapping the dog. Eventually I did learn what an ameoba was. I made a pretty good ameoba if I do say so myself.

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