Friday, September 7, 2007

No BS Friday

Today is Friday which means at that it is no bull shit Friday at work. It has been rather crazy lately. I have to frequently remind myself that I love working in the aftermarket industry! It is so much better than OEM or Aerospace... I love it, I love it... I love it... I... love... it... *sigh*

On that note today uber short gymnast Shawn Johnson won the women's all around at the World Gymnastics Championships:
A lot of people criticize her lack of extension in her splits. I can look past that and still find her gymnastics to be exciting. I like the sureness of her landings and gosh be darn she's incredibly consistent.

American Nastia Liukin also competed in the all around. She's been getting over an ankle injury and subsequent ankle surgery and just got back to competing on all 4 events a few weeks ago. She faltered a bit on her usual top notch beam routine. I bet she will come back with a vengeance by Beijing.

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