Wednesday, December 26, 2007

I Got Blogged

Since things get slow during Holiday time I am going to do what I won't be caught doing very often. I am going to be a bit of a conformist and blog about the same topic as everyone else. The topic has to do with the blog widget Entrecard.

Entrecard is kind of like a trade show for bloggers. When Entrecard members stop by your blog they can drop off their card. It is sort of like a business card as it has their blog information attached to it. People also earn credits by dropping their cards at various blogs. The credits can be used to buy ad space on other Entrecard blogs. People can also reject the request for advertisement which is why I have given up on making ad requests. I am just going to let my credits accumulate and most likely not do anything with them.

The Entrecard inbox displays the information of folks who kindly stopped by and dropped off their card. It sometimes leads you to interesting blogs you would otherwise never come across. However, the unfortunate part is that the majority of the blogs are get rich quick schemes of people blogging about how they make money blogging on the internet. They are all titled as Internet Marketing. Anything with that title is an instant turn-off to me. That means the blogger has to work extra hard to make me care about their content. I don't care how many hits someone got last Wednesday at 10pm and how much money they generated off of advertisements. I want to see someone actually writing original content that is not just a rehash of the same thing on thousands of other blogs.

Anyway Entrecard has successfully exposed my blog to readers outside of the circle of people who come across my My Space page or my website. I even got a blogged by another blogger! Sam Freedom's Internet Marketing Controversy Blog recently put up a post about interesting websites found through Entrecard. I got a nice mention. I know I stated that anything with the term internet marketing in the title I usually shy away from. However, the use of the word controversy in the title peaked my interested. Damn marketing people and their cleaver use of dramatic descriptions! See the guy is actually effective.


Ronnie Ferez said...

another nice post about entrecard.

i hope, etnrecard will continue to deliver its worth unlike what happened with blog-rush. so far, ec is delivering me quality traffic, one of which is you ^_^

thanks for dropping by meritt. happy holidays!


Sam Freedom said...

Hey Merritt, this is a nice article - and not only due to its mention of me but for other reasons as well.

You have a nice, gentle but no nonsense tone to your writing. Having to sift through the mindless, repetitive ad copy of 100s of other wanna-be internet marketers on a daily basis, I find it refreshing.

Also, I think you need to show a little love to the conformist in you. After all, Entrecard only has something like 1500 members and not all of them are writing about Entrecard so you're not a conformist yet, young lady! You'll have to try a little harder than that...

Conformism, by the way, can take on a whole new meaning if you strip away the "conformist vs non-conformist" paradigm and look at it, instead as "conscious vs unconscious".

There are times when conforming can feed a village or disarm the gatekeeper of a valuable treasure. ;-)

Thank you, so much, for your kindness. And, inasmuch as an internet marketing controversial blogger can like anyone, consider yourself liked.