Thursday, December 20, 2007

The Ole Swimming Hole

Today I visited the Spring Hill Recreation Center in McLean, VA. It is the closest pool to the house in which I grew up. However, I did not swim there too often since it was not used as a USS practice facility until I was older and I was already content with my training facility. The team that did eventually move into Spring Hill Rec. was The Fish. Some of the kids I coached in clinics and summer league were apart of The Fish. The team quickly earned a reputation producing a whole bunch of young distance swimmers. When I was in high school they didn't really have any swimmers my age, they had a cutesy logo and a cutesy name so the older kids didn't want to join the new team. They have kept their swimmers over the years though and really built up some good ones to establish a well respected senior training group... One of The Fish's standout swimmers happens to be Kate Ziegler. She recently broke Janet Evans's long standing 1500m Freestyle World Record by almost 10 seconds. She is ridiculously fast. I am excited to she what she puts down in 2008.

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