Thursday, December 6, 2007

Yamuna Body Rolling

I have had this chronic hamstring problem for a few years. It started when I made it a priority to greatly increase my flexibility. I made use of my frayed knot (pretty much a thick rope) to stretch my legs. However at one point I got a bit overzealous and pulled my right leg too far. That was miserable to recover from and my stretching did not progress too far with the methods I knew how to employ. Eventually I began adult gymnastics and my flexibility increased enormously. However between all the stretching and rest days something pissed off the right hamstring again and it has been feeling crunchy for awhile. It gets particularly annoying during running when the hamstring decides it just does not want to contract anymore. I finally said enough is enough and went in for some physical therapy.

I am so glad I gave in and sought therapy because I learned about Yamuna body rolling. You take a little air filled ball and roll it around under your own body weight. It is just the right size to get into key areas. My hamstring kept getting inflamed because it was under a lot of stress in the center of the muscle. As I kept forcing the stretch it would pull from the center, not distribute the stretch throughout the whole muscle. With the Yamuna ball I can stretch certain muscles a little bit at a time throughout the whole length of the muscle. It gets the muscles stretched without all the strain concentrated in one area. I am excited to now add it in to my routine. We'll see if it can help me achieve my middle splits sooner than later.

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