Monday, December 24, 2007

Most Beautiful Car in the World

Tonight some members of my family opened a couple Christmas gifts. My dad got Speed, Style and Beauty: Cars from the Ralph Lauren Collection. Consequently a discussion ensued on what we believed to be the most beautiful car ever built. My father sided with the Ferrari 250 GT California Spyder as the most beautiful car. My aunt believed the 1937 Czechoslovakian Tatra T-87 was the most beautiful automobile. I honestly had no opinion. I stated that I cannot push aside other details and focus purely on the aesthetic. Then my dad asked me what I believed to be the best engineered vehicle and I steered clear of that one as well. I needed more boundaries to make a choice.

My opinion constantly changes as new technologies are introduced. Currently I would say the Nissan GT-R tops the list. Not the De Lorean DMC-12 I posted as a picture. I had taken that picture at one point in time so I figured it was a good opportunity to actually use it.


Sean Morris said...

You can see inner beauty. The Deloran is junk. It was junk in the 80's.

Most beautiful... the Bugatti , thats beautiful in many ways.

I really love Ferrai Daytonas.

Big Pappa said...

I too like the Bugatti. But if I had to choose a car that I could actually afford, it would have to be a Dodge Viper.

Lou said...

I loved the DeLorean. The original snorts car. My favorite car is the porsche 911 from the late eighties.